About Viral Bikes

Viral Bikes is a brand new company whose sole mission is to create the best riding bikes on the planet and deliver them to you in a way that absolutely exceeds your expectations. Not too lofty, right? How does a small company do that, especially with the big dogs and their unlimited resources? By being smart, working smart, and devoting every single decision to ‘how can I make this bike or the consumers experience better?’ We scrutinize, break, redo, remake, and try again. We agonize over the little things, even something as trivial as the angle or placement of a cable guide. Nothing is too small and no detail is overlooked. Our goal is lofty, but our dedication shows through on every Viral Bikes product we sell. We want to maximize your experience from beginning to end, and redefine how the industry and the consumer interact. Viral is about the ride, but it’s also about the infectious way you are treated from the moment you call to the moment you receive your brand new Viral Bike, and past that in the way that we take care of you, should you ever have a question, concern, or issue.

At Viral Bikes, the design means everything, but so do you. We want to create a revolution around our brand, and build a culture that includes every single one of you, our customers, as a member of our very Viral family. We hope you come along for the ride, it’s going to be a fun one!

Lifetime Warranty

At Viral Bikes, the design starts with the frame, but it doesn’t end there. We believe that the same attention to detail that makes our frames stand apart from the competition should also extend to our Customer Service; our policies as a company should match our frames’ level of quality, and to that end we strive to exceed your expectations.

ALL Viral Bikes frames are backed up by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, no matter the material (see terms and conditions for more details). We believe in selling you a bike you can keep for a lifetime and adding a lifetime warranty to that frame proves our devotion. We stand behind our products. We are the ONLY small company on the planet offering this level of warranty.

With this, there is some responsibility on your part as well. Keep your bike in good working condition, take care of it, lube it properly, clean it well, and keep it running smooth. If you drive it into the garage, just own up to it, and we’ll get you a replacement frame under our ‘ask no questions crash replacement’ policy. If you crash hard in a group sprint at the end of a race and your neighbors handlebars go through your top tube, let us know what happened, but know that this isn’t normal ‘wear and tear’. For this, we will be forever thankful. Anything we replace will be scrutinized and poured over. With the correct information in hand, we can address issues and make better products. If you drove your bike into the garage and are up front about it, it means we won’t have to spin our wheels on why there was such a crazy failure.

We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to picking your next frame. It’s a hard decision, and there are a lot of great bikes out there to choose from. We hope that our dedication to making amazing products and then backing up those products to give you piece of mind will convince you that a Viral frame is a great investment.

30 Day Guarantee

We know how much people like to touch and feel a product before making a significant purchase like a Viral frame. We hope you get that opportunity through one of our very select IBD’s (independent bike dealers) around the country or during one of our demo days, but if you live outside of those areas and are purchasing a Viral Bikes frame directly from the web site, we understand the leap of faith you are taking with our product. For that we thank you, and to honor that commitment, we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee (please see terms and conditions for more details). Get your frame, put it together and ride it for a month. If it’s not everything you expected it to be, we will take it back, no questions asked (well, we might send you an email inquiring about why you didn’t like the bike and would appreciate your outright honesty. Customer feedback is critical to our continued desire to make the very best products).

We believe in our products and we back them up with customer service that speaks to our commitment to make the best bikes in the world. We believe in them so much that we’re willing to let you ride one risk free for a month. We know you’ll fall in love with it.

About Steve Domahidy

My name is Steve Domahidy. I am the co-founder of Niner Bikes and was the head of R&D for that company until 2011. I hold many US Patents, including the CVA suspension patent for Niner’s suspension design (US Patent # 7,934,739) with many more pending. Either directly, or under my supervision as head of R&D, I designed every single Niner frame, culminating in the Rip 9 RDO as the final bike I worked on before departing the company. My designs with Niner have won two IF Design awards and two Gold IF Design Awards, the most prestigious award given by the IF Design award body, as well as a myriad of other ride awards from around the world.

In 2011, after leaving Niner, I began working on a revolutionary new road bike design with Factor Bikes, a new UK based brand from parent company bf1Systems, an engineering and design firm working in Formula 1 racing, aerospace, and other automotive markets. I designed their new production frame, the Vis Vires, from the ground up, incorporating some of the design elements from their original concept bike, the Factor001. It was the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on, and has been launched with praise from press around the world for it’s forward thinking design, total integration, incredible ride, and advanced onboard technology. The Vis Vires is already starting to rack up awards, winning a coveted Gold IF Design Award at the 2013 Eurobike show and a d&i Award for design at the 2014 Taipei Bike Show. I am extremely proud of the work I’ve done thus far with Factor Bikes.

While the Vis Vires was coming to fruition, my mountain bike roots started to creep back into my system, infecting it with a desire to play on the dirt again. So, slowly but diligently, Domahidy Designs was born. I always knew that the brand name would  be a struggle, but I was sure it would catch on. Sadly, I was wrong about the name and the branding behind Domahidy Designs, and realized that I needed to make a change to a more palatable one.  After doing my due diligence on at least a dozen names, I settled on Viral Bikes.  I loved the way it sounded, the way it rolled off the tongue, the way it looked, and it’s availability as a brand name meant all of the stars were aligning to re-create my vision under this new name.  Viral Bikes is an amazing new brand, and we are going to work on the very edge of cutting edge, creating bikes that are at once exhilarating to ride and beautiful to look at. We are going to have a profound effect on the cycling industry and will strive to exceed every barrier a small company might come up against.  Being the small guy isn’t all bad, we are much more fluid and able to shift as we see market trends and directions open up, or create all new ones.

So, just like at Domahidy Designs, every Viral Bikes frame will be signed off by me. That is my seal of approval and also my guarantee to you that you will love your bike. If you don’t? Call me or email me, and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of, personally.

I am, and will always be, a kid at heart. One who loves to ride bikes. This is a passion, and one that I have been incredibly lucky to be successful in. I have the best job in the world: to design bikes that I want to ride, and in the process gain joy beyond measure in being able to share that passion with others who love to ride the same bikes. It is at once fulfilling and humbling to know that people around the world are already having a blast on bikes I’ve created, and Viral Bikes will continue on that success.

Steve Domahidy

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